It Is Done

I just finished printing out the manuscript for book one of the Kissiltur trilogy.

Bluehammer manuscript

710 pages of soon-to-be-awesome

This is very rough, still. Quite apart from the flurry of errors in my November wordings, there are a number of duplicate scenes in different versions, redundant plot elements, and a good deal of fixes required to timing and specific plot details. The narrative arcs are set at last, though – I am very pleased with how the plot injection went in November, so I am looking forward to picking this up again in mid-January when the six week clock has ticked down.

The manuscript is about 160,000 words long, and printed out to 708 pages (double-sided). Just for comparison, here it is posing with some friends –

My manuscript, a cube of marble, and Neal Stephenson's much longer book

My manuscript, a cube of marble, and Neal Stephenson’s much longer book

To give you some scale here, that cube is a piece of marble from the Carrera marble mines in Italy and is a shade more than 4cm on a side. As another point of comparison, the book is Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver which is roughly twice as long as the manuscript for Bluehammer. When I am done editing I expect Bluehammer to come in around 120k.

That print out is now resting in a drawer until I am ready to read it on 17-Jan-2013. It will only be extracted briefly to replace the binder rings with machine posts (which I can now buy, since I know how thick the manuscript is now).

But for now rest, little manuscript. Dream epic dreams.

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