The 2012 Janus Post

One goal I have with Identity Function is to publish my plans so that I can track them and hold myself accountable for what does and doesn’t happen. Obviously this blog wasn’t here last year so I don’t have published notes on my goals for the year just finishing, but I will do my best to say what I was planning to do and talk about how things went. Then I will lay out my writing goals for next year.

Looking Back

2012 was supposed to be the year that I finished book one of the Kissiltur trilogy and started shopping it around. I had identified the core weakness in the book (ie not having a plot) and I constructed a chapter plan to start writing the new material I needed.

In the end, that plan fell victim to job-related stress and a busy summer. Not having an established daily writing practice meant there was no resiliency to my writing time, and I just didn’t write anything substantial between March and September.

However, I had an interesting new novel from NaNoWriMo 2011, which after light editing garnered some great feedback from friends who read it. The effective loss of six months of writing meant I did no work on developing it further, but I have a plan now. I also had the chance to read en excerpt from the book at a launch event for Brave on the Page, which was a valuable experience.

On which subject, that excellent collection from Laura Stanfill has been a wonderful surprise – it is my first literary publishing credit, and I am thrilled to have my words included in this excellent volume. There is another launch event on 7th January 2013 at Powell’s downtown.
2012 has closed a little more strongly: I started this blog in September, wrote the plot injection for Bluehammer during November, and developed the aforementioned plan for Song last week.

Looking Forward

My plans for 2013 are –

  1. Finish Bluehammer, which will entail developing a Bluehammer plan after I’ve read it. Next action: read the manuscript after 17th January
  2. Execute the Song plan. Next action: develop outline.
  3. Submit one novel. Next action: aside from finishing a novel, need to find some markets.
  4. Start looking for an agent. Next action: research agents who represent science fiction.
  5. Establish a daily writing practice. Next action: write every day. This blog helps a lot for that.

How has your year gone? What are your plans for the new year?

3 Replies to “The 2012 Janus Post”

  1. Ian says:

    I had a good year of writing – not the word count or publications that I hoped for, but I’d give myself a solid B for the year. Next year, my big goals are to keep my story-per-week submission pace with at least 52 short story submissions and to finish a final submittable draft of my current novel project. I’d also like to get another novel first draft out sometime during the year, for a project that is in the early outlining phase right now. That’s about it.

    1. Dunx says:

      Good goals all, though. Very impressed with your “story a week” submission goal, in particular.

      1. Ian says:

        I managed 52 short story submissions in 2012, only barely since I submitted three on December 31st, so hopefully I can match that. I expect it to be harder now that I have a novel to fix. Rewriting has always been harder for me than first-draft writing, and so I expect many challenges ahead, but it’s good to have the mandatory wait over and dust the old girl off.

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