Bluehammer Plan

As promised on Friday, here is my plan for Bluehammer in a very similar form to the one for Song.

  1. typo/consistency edit– this is going through my notes on the manuscript, acting on them. It’s going to be a pain because it’s hard enough to work on one thing on the bus, let alone two. Three kinds of edits –
    • typos/text to be deleted – some notes need to be saved for whatever reason. These will go in a separate file.
    • consistency – name changes that shouldn’t, events that occur at different times of day from different POVs, etc
    • scene cutting/reordering – duplicate scenes need to be winnowed, good descriptions from dead scenes need to be harvested.

    Once this is done I can hand it on to my wife for a read through.

  2. improve outline – I already have a broad outline, but I need to sharpen it up a lot to make it the basis for a compelling novel. This will include fixing all the timing issues.
  3. make the text match the outline – since the outline is mostly of existing text, I won’t have that many new bits to write. I will have a lot of tweaks to make in the text to make it match the outline.
  4. hone the text – this is the line craft elements of writing, going over the text for infelicitous phrasing and the like.
  5. make submission materials – synopsis, pitch, hook, and all of that.

So that’s the Bluehammer plan I will be working against. The intent is to get the first two done before I go back to work on Song.

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