The T-Shirts of NaNoWriMo, part 2

This is the second post in a series presenting my extensive collection of National Novel Writing Month T-shirts from the ten years I have been participating.


2007 shirt

2007 shirt

Olive green shirt, hour glass standing on a closed hardback book. Title above reads: Time to write. Caption beneath reads: NaNoWriMo 2007.

I like the imagery on this shirt, but don’t particularly care for the colour.

This time I wrote the zeroth of the first book of the Kissiltur trilogy, and it was the first time I wrote significantly more than 50k.


2008 shirt, front

2008 shirt, front

2008 shirt, back

2008 shirt, back

Chocolate brown shirt. Front has the NaNoWriMo crest with “NaNoWriMo 2008” emblazoned across the middle, over a banner reading: Celebrating 10 Years of Literary Abandon, itself over the word “AUTHOR”. Back has a football jersey-style printing of “NANOWRIMO” above the number 10.

This was the tenth anniversary shirt, and it is probably my favourite of all of them.

In 2008 I wrote the zeroth draft of book two of the Kissiltur trilogy. This was the second year where I struggled to finish because I lost my job half way through November (remember the 2008 crash? Not a good time for a startup to run out of money). I was extraordinarily lucky in finding a new job quickly, but the job search completely took the wind out of my novelling sails and I crept across the finish line with barely 50k to my name. I finally finished the story in the middle of December.

When you hear the advice to finish the story in the month even if it means compromising the word count, heed it.


2009 shirt

2009 shirt

Black shirt, graphic of the novelling machine turning ideas into books. Caption reads: National Novel Writing Month 2009

The novelling machine is a lovely idea. I particularly like the knife stuck in the conveyor belt. And the shirt is black, which is always a win.

This year I wrote the zeroth draft of book three of the Kissiltur Trilogy. By this time, a lot of the ideas in the setting were becoming more solid – the aggressiveness of the plants, the malignity of the Church, and so on.

One day I will make this story interesting.

The Model

Fred, enjoying the view.

Fred, mercifully dry

Fred likes pina coladas, but does not care for getting caught in the rain since it makes his face soggy.

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