Dispatch From the End of Madness

2013-nanowrimo-statsNational Novel Writing Month 2013 is done, and so is the zeroth draft of my novel Shapes of Chance.

The final word count was 100,088 according to Scrivener, 100,666 according to the NaNoWriMo validator. That’s an average of 3,355 words a day, and a new personal record for the number of words written in a month (up by about 25%, in fact).

As I said on day 13, the story has gone in some interesting directions. I have a much better sense of how things fit together to make things more engaging. The tough part, looking back at the story I started with, is that a lot of the early parts will get trimmed because they are not really the meat of the story: they are important, because they are part of the MC’s discovery of her self, but they currently relate only tangentially to the larger story.

The worst thing about this draft is that the later parts of the narrative are abbreviated. I realised a few days ago that I had something like twenty scenes left to write, and only about 16,000 words to relate them in. I couldn’t commit to continuing into December, so I ended up trimming out a lot of the character conflict in favour of a bare delineation of the plot. That’ll have to get put back in on the edit, but it’s an edit I am looking forward to.

Right at the moment I am thinking that this story will be replacing Bluehammer on the writing goals for the next year or so. It’s much clearer where the story needs to go than with the Kissilturi stuff, and since my continuing goal is to have something actually finished then I think it is time to let the older story go.

Still, a good month’s writing.

On to the next thing, while Shapes rests in a drawer for a few weeks.

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