2013 Goals Post: Yule Edition

This is the final goals post of 2013. My last one was not a very happy piece since I had such a hard time getting any meaningful writing done between the autumnal equinox and Halloween.

This time, November was very writing-focussed, but the three weeks since have been much more about picking up discarded tasks in November’s wake than about writing per se. I had planned to write another act of Song, but that has not happened. Part of this is just burn out, too – NaNoWriMo is always a bit, um, intense but with the stretch goal I had set it took more out of me than usual.

My post the other day about why I don’t write full time has me putting some thought into both my priorities for the coming year and how I plan my time – my thoughts so far are very preliminary and need a lot more put into them, but will probably turn up here at some point.

And my goals continue to shift: this year’s NaNovel looks set to usurp Bluehammer as the other book I am working on because it is simply a more compelling story than the Kissiltur books in their current state.

Anyway, on with the consideration of the goals I set at the start of the year.

1. Finish Bluehammer

I think I am ready to abandon this now.

As I noted above, Shapes of Chance looks set to take up the space which would otherwise be occupied by Bluehammer in my 2014 plans, so I will push this trilogy onto the back burner. I expect I will do more with this at some point – at least the setting – but not until I can figure out what the story really is and how to tell it.

2. Execute the Song plan

I had planned on picking this up again after November’s frenzy, but being more burned out than I expected I haven’t written anything more yet. This is the writing I will be doing until it’s time to read the Shapes manuscript, though.

Next action: write another act of the draft.

3. Submit one novel.

Already abandoned, nothing more to say.

4. Start looking for an agent.

Last action: construct query tracking system.

Still to construct my query tracking system. Frankly, I just forgot about this goal in the hurly burly of November. Something I might be able to get done over the holidays, though.

Next action: construct query tracking system.

5. Establish a daily writing practice.

Last action: plan NaNoWriMo work

Well, that went pretty well – NaNoWriMo planned and executed.

Last action: write NaNoWriMo draft.

Completed. Huzzah!

Last action: define writing priorities

I have started this process. It is a process rather than something I can just sit down and dash off in a half hour. Writing “Doing what you love, doing what you can” helped bring a lot of those elements into the light to be examined. I also have some tools from The Productive Writer which I am keen to give a spin.

Next action: figure out goals and priorities for 2014 and beyond.


Last action: plan next set of sessions for A New Dawn. Or abandon entirely… one of those.

I’m going to stick with A New Dawn. The next story arc is going to be interesting!

I also have some thoughts on the way the last story arc ran which I will post here once they’re more completely formed.

Next action: write up plot for the next story arc.

Last action: write more Animal Agents scenarios.

The boys have been asking about this, but changes in our circumstances over the last few weeks mean it’s unlikely we’ll actually play this any time soon.


Last action: none.

November’s novelling frenzy turned out to be rather more all-consuming than I had expected – I just could not stay on top of both my word count goals and the blogging, so the blogging had to be put in abeyance. I can only apologise for that.

I will be thinking very carefully about this blog for the next year’s goals. I don’t like dropping the ball and part of that might be the game I am playing rather than just the poorness of my ball control skills. So, possibly some rule changes to come.

Next action: determine blog direction


Next action: write NaNoWriMo story.


Well, mostly.

The word count goal of 100k in 30 days was hit quite handily, but I was overly prolix in the early chapters so I ended up abbreviating the exciting bits at the end of the story. This is something to fix in the edit, of course.

Next action: read manuscript – 11-Jan-2014 is six weeks from completion.


It’s hard to be unhappy with a period where I’ve written a 100,000 word novel draft – that is a hugely satisfying achievement.

Having said that, I’m pretty unhappy about my blog drop off, and with having not actually written anything in December yet.

The next post in this series will be the 2013/14 Janus post – I think it’s going to be interesting.

How are your goals looking as we come to the end of the year?

2 Replies to “2013 Goals Post: Yule Edition”

  1. Stevie says:

    Goals. I remember those. 8o)

  2. Ian Rose says:

    Mine will be a mixed bag, like yours. My all-year word count goal is going to fall short. Too many periods of drought / otherwise focused attention. But I wrote more words this year than I did last, and I can’t be upset about that. I’m pretty much on track with my short story submission goal, and (coincidentally) had my best year of publishing short fiction this year. My running goal got completely abandoned, and my income/day-job goals tended to come up short too. Next step for me is the same as you: setting the goals for 2014. I’m considering doing more of a monthly system than annual, but I’m not sure yet.

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