Song Burred

the pretty one of the Portland freeway bridges

the pretty one of the Portland freeway bridges

I’ve just finished reading the first act of A Turquoise Song, second draft, which I was writing earlier in the year but abandoned when other things crowded it out.

When I was writing it, it felt awful – sluggish and uninteresting – but it doesn’t seem to actually like that at all: the pacing is pretty reasonable, and the showing rather than telling seems to be pretty well-balanced. Parts of it are even good, to my eyes.

Let that be a lesson in not making judgements from too close to the text.

The next thing, then, is to formulate a plan for finishing it.

There were two reasons to read this first act: to remind myself of what I had, and to figure out if what I had was worth continuing with. Since what I have actually seems to be OK, I think I will continue with the Song plan I had before – it’s got me this far!

This list takes out the completed items from the original plan, and rephrases some of the others as appropriate. It also adds a step for polishing.

  1. To complete the outline.
  2. To complete the second draft in line with the outline.
  3. Edit that second draft. Repeat (2) and (3) for subsequent drafts as necessary.
  4. Make submission materials – synopsis, pitch, hook, and all of that.

Next up will be reading the initial draft of Shapes, my 2013 NaNoWriMo project. We’ll see what that looks like in a week or two.

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  1. By “earlier in the year” I assume you mean last year. Otherwise, you _really_ work fast. 🙂

    “Let that be a lesson in not making judgements from too close to the text.”

    Oh, absolutely. You can misjudge the worth of the work as a whole, and also you can (and, pretty much inevitably, will) miss little glitches here and there. I talk about this in my current blog post — that there is no substitute for taking a real break from a project (I expect this applied to other arts as well).

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