Shapes of Chance – The Plan

I have been reading Shapes of Chance, my 2013 NaNovel, and rather enjoying it.

What I have done with these read-throughs in the past has been to read through the paper copy making notes on all elements of it. However, this time I am reading the book as a book without a pen in hand – on my Kindle, in fact – which means I am getting a more subjective sense of how the story flows. I am about a quarter of the way through and it’s flowing quite well so far.

What I wanted to write down was a plan. I am still working on drafting Song, and I still see that as the most likely story to be completed this year, but it is good to have two stories in hand which have some narrative drive.

With that, I need to have a plan for Shapes:

  1. finish reading of draft – two phase process, once for readability and once for errors.
  2. apply corrections from draft read
  3. give it to my wife to read
  4. restructure outline – found some changes in the draft from the original outline
  5. second draft – make existing material match outline; add new material

That’s probably all that’s manageable this year. If I happen to burn through all of this then I will add more.

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