Goodbye, Maya

bow down before me, puny human.

bow down before me, puny human.

Maya was an imperious cat, always very sure of what she wanted.

We had to let her go this evening.

She was nearly sixteen years old and had been in fine shape until a few months ago, but then the same creeping illness that took her litter-mate Gatto a year ago started to creep up on her. We treated as well as we could, but that treatment brought on another condition, and… well.

All we could do was stop her from suffering any further. Her last couple of days saw some improvement, but it was a golden sunset – beautiful and welcome, but still the end of the day. She was my wife’s cat first, but I know she was comfortable with me too.

Thank you for many years of amusement and company, fuzzy cat. You will be sorely missed.

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  1. Sorry to hear. It’s rough when you have to make that decision, but it can be selfish to put it off if he or she is suffering and won’t get better. I had that happen with a cat who I had been with for over 20 years — he had only been really sick once until the last year, but when things started to go wrong everything happened very quickly.

    1. Dunx says:

      Thanks, Anthony. It was hard. Unfortunately, we waited too long with Maya’s sister and had miserable last few months with all around, which in retrospect was entirely the wrong choice to make but in the moment we just couldn’t identify the right time.

      But they give us joy while they are with us, and it is best to remember that.

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