Training For A Race

June's race

my race in June

I have a half marathon I am signed up for in June. In fact, it’s the first Saturday in June.

I ran a 15K in March (9.3 miles), but the farthest I have run since then was a hilly seven miler on Wednesday last week, so I have some work to do.

Basically, I want to run a twelve mile training run two weeks before the half itself, which would need to be the weekend of 17-May-2014. I need to ramp up another five miles in four weeks.

Fortunately, I also ran another hilly seven yesterday and there is a pretty straight line from that seven to the twelve miler as follows:

  • 26-Apr-2014 – eight miles
  • 03-May-2014 – nine miles
  • 10-May-2014 – ten miles
  • 17-May-2014 – shorter run, probably the seven I did yesterday again
  • 24-May-2014 – twelve miles
  • 31-May-2014 – shorter run, probably something like five
  • 07-Jun-2014 – Helvetia Half marathon

The other thing I need to do is figure out the training plan for Hood To Coast in August, especially in amongst our holiday plans.

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