Reopening the Word Mines

I’ve been outlining Song and thinking about character goals.

Which has been useful. There have been valuable insights into the story and the characters within that story, but I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. The outline isn’t finished, but it’s all too theoretical – I need to start turning the theoretical into the real.

It’s time to make words again.

One reason I have been doing the outline is because I got blocked on starting the third act. I have a story for the third act, but there was one scene at the beginning of it which was giving me trouble and I thought the outline would help me figure out exactly how the scene should go. However, at this point my difficulty is that I don’t have a draft, so it’s time to step around the block in the road and continue on.

I have also been reading a craft book which has been illuminating, but which mainly served to emphasise in my mind the overwhelming complexity of building an interesting story. A useful book, I think, but ultimately I need to get past the search for a mechanical process which will tell me how to write an engaging story and just get more practice in writing. We do not learn storytelling by being told how; we learn by telling stories.

Writers write.

So, I am going to make a note of how the blocking scene should end so that I have a thread to pick up and carry on to the next part of the story. I am going to set a goal of 30k for September, which is not ambitious but should be eminently achievable. If I happen to come up with 50k and finish the draft, that would be great too.

My original plan was to refine the outline and then finish this draft in November, but there are always other things to write then so I am not going to have the theoretical loss of material in two months stop me writing now.

My fingers are itching. Off we go.

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  1. “Writers write.”

    That’s about it. I always think in terms of playing the saxophone. Yes, you have to study music theory and listen to other musicians and so on, but the only way you’ll get to be a better sax player is to play the darn thing, for hours and hours and hours, over days and weeks and month.

    Planning what you will play is not the same as playing it. 🙂

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