Drafting Again

I’m starting the second draft of Shapes of Chance today.

The outline is not as fully-formed as I would like, but all of the structural issues that I had with the story have been resolved. To be honest, I am starting today more because it’s the beginning of a new month than because it’s the right day to start, but sometimes you just have to begin.

My goals for this draft are to finish in two months. I am not setting daily word count goals, because I will be reusing some of the existing text. I will measure progress by counting scenes completed. I don’t know how many scenes there are in total, though – this is one of the things unresolved in the outline, as is the reintegration of the outline text with the first draft text.

One last unresolved issue is where I am going to work on this draft. Scrivener is of course my tool of choice for drafting in, but the detailed outline work has all been in vim. I am not completely clear how beat to shift back to Scrivener, or whether I actually should at all.

I will figure that out today, though. Onward!

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