I’ve been having trouble focussing on the second draft of Shapes. Part of this has been distraction, but a lot of it has been time.

This weekend I am going on a writing retreat. Or, more precisely, my wonderful wife is taking the boys away for the weekend while I stay at home and write.

I am trying not to pin unreasonable expectations on this weekend. I have most of three days – one full day and two days with family departure and return at the ends – and it’s very easy to tell myself that I will write for every one of those hours and knock out three ten thousand word days. This does not seem likely to happen.

A more realistic goal is to add ten thousand words over the weekend and to consume about a quarter of my outline, although I suspect that this writing time will be more about outline consumption than new words given the part of the story I am working on. I will recalibrate at the end of each day.

But there will be writing.

I will be posting a goals update on Monday for Midsummer. but the retreat stretches to Monday and I want to include the progress from the whole writing retreat in that update. Hence the blog post will not be published in the morning – it may be delayed to end of day Monday or even early Tuesday.

In the meantime, may your writing time be productive.

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