Livia and the Corpuscles – Publishing Day!

the proof of the book is in the reading

the proof of the book is in the reading

Christmas has come a day early for me – the proof copy of my book has arrived! And it looks great.

I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, so I’m happy to announce that today is release day for Livia and the Corpuscles, available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. There is a listing page for it on Amazon, but as I write this the book is listed as “not available”. Well, I am sure that will change in the next day or so.

Livia and the Corpuscles on
Livia and the Corpuscles on

It’s also available now on the Create Space title page:

Livia and Corpuscles on Create Space

I’m so excited, to a degree that really surprises me. I was expecting to be happy with it, but having a physical copy of a book in your hands is really quite thrilling.

Thank you to everyone who helped get this thing out the door. For a bit of stunt writing I think it turned out all right.

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