Directed Reading, part 2: Collecting Comments

I’ve just finished the directed reading for Song, and I wanted to record some more process notes about the transition from the reading output into making the revision plan. That entails capturing the comments.

I have been making comments on the text using a Kindle app. My process in the past has been to delete those comments as they are recorded. This time I am going to try changing the colour of the highlight instead.

The comments to be collected fall into these broad categories:

  1. things to fix immediately – typoes, mainly.
  2. things that require noting for future, broader action – these will go into the revision plan
  3. things that need to be recorded for gazetteer purposes – this usually covers world bookery and the like. For Song specifically, this mostly covers consistency in sensory intrusions.

So, I am expecting to come out with a better manuscript from immediate fixes, as well as a set of concrete action items added to the revision plan. The gazetteer items will probably have an effect on the revision plan because I will have an action item to ensure consistency across the manuscript.


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