Song Punch List 2: The Punchening

Last week I said that I had finished the punch list read on Song. Yesterday I finished collecting the comments.

“Collecting the comments” here means walking through the book looking for the remarks I made and doing one of three things:

  1. applying the comment — if it’s a typo or a bit of local rewriting which doesn’t require wide-ranging review of the text then I would just fix it in the text.
  2. recording the comment — larger thematic remarks, substantial new content, or things requiring review and change over several sections of the book were written in the punch list file.
  3. ignore the comment — not common, but sometimes I looked at a comment and thought “this is wrong”, in which case I ignored it.

There is a hidden zeroth step to this process which is to figure out what the comment means. The usual culprit here is autocorrect: I performing punch list reads on a tablet, so the comments are going into Kindle notes. Sometimes autocorrect decides that it knows better and renders the comment incomprehensible. And, sometimes, my comment is just weird and it takes me a bit to reconstruct the meaning.

Once a comment has been processed, I change its colour in the Kindle reader. The default colour is yellow, and I use blue for processed remarks. This is a change: I used to delete the comments entirely, but I’ve realised I am too paranoid about losing information if I destroy the comments.

After all of that, I have 93 comments in the punch list file. I will be working my way through those next.

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