Thinking About the Future

I met a lot of neat people at this year’s Willamette Writers Conference and I learned a lot about craft, but I think the biggest impact on me was in making me think more about where I want to take this writing thing next.

My plan of record was to push Song through the trad pub route, and work on short stories on the side (particularly Boundary Shock Quarterly of course). The other thing was to produce Livia as an audiobook.

Those elements still stand, but I am also thinking that I want to rework Livia into a more substantial starting point for a series that I would self-pub. I remain proud of Livia, but it is an odd bird in my stable and I am doubtful that trad pub would have much interest in it. But it’s also a setting I like a lot, and writing a new book in that setting would be an entertaining thing to do. I just (!) need to figure out how to make it worth the time.

Early days yet, of course, but that’s what I am working towards.

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