March Things, 2019

It was about ten years ago when I started to realise how much more allergic to cats I was becoming. I had good days but they were the exception rather than the rule: I felt like I was swimming through congestion most of the time. Whole days and weeks would pass without a clear sense of having accomplished anything*.

Honestly, February felt a bit like that again.

I am in a much better place than I was when we still had cats roaming over our bed, or even last winter when I had the cold that never went away, but I have still felt rather loose and weak all month, even as I have been exercising more efficiently than ever.

So, as we go through this monthly things post (which only really covers a couple of weeks anyway), I expect a lot of “no work” remarks, because I feel like I consumed time rather than produced meaningful writing.

Three Things for February

I made this a short goal list because the post came so late in February. What of even those goals did I manage?

  1. Song fourth draft — prep for crit group feedback session. Completed. The feedback I got was very helpful and enthusiastic, and honestly that might be the thing that helps me most: I have been struggling to find my enthusiasm about anything, even Song. Hanging out with crit group folks brought it back.
  2. short stories — two things:
    1. finish draft of next BSQ story
    2. plan story for submission this quarter

    Neither of these saw any work.

  3. workshop application — write draft of cover letter. Didn’t do this, but did clean up a sample chapter.

Score 1.5/3 — that’s actually better than I expected.

… which was another hallmark of the Bad Cat Fuzz Time — I was always surprised when I looked at what I had got done. It was never “all of it”, but at least it was more than I had imagined.

Three Things for 2019

February was not productive, so obviously my 2019 goals won’t have moved on much. Let’s take an unflinching look.

  1. query A Turquoise Song — a goal in three sequential parts:
    1. prepare a fourth draft — incorporate feedback, make it good. Target is to have this done by the middle of the year. I have collected more feedback which will help here, but I don’t have a revision plan yet.
    2. prepare query letter — obviously the initial targets are the agents I talked to at the conference in 2017, but I also want to prepare for querying other agents.
    3. query — get the book out there.
  2. short stories — I am finding my relationship to short stories becoming much less contentious, even fruitful!
    1. several stories to write for Boundary Shock Quarterly — the first one is begun, but I Need to finish it.
    2. write and submit four stories to other markets. So that’s one a quarter, and I will mark it as such.
  3. engage with the writing community — this is a nebulous label for a group of related goals that don’t warrant a top level item to themselves.
    1. workshop application — I’m going to apply for an intensive workshop. More on that once it’s in hand, which it isn’t yet.
    2. podcast — one of the things that came out of the inconclusive work on producing Livia as an audiobook was a desire to launch a podcast of some kind. This would be audio-only initially, although I am still searching for a good format.
    3. cons & confs — I need to be getting out there more. I just do.

Minor incremental progress only. Looking for better things in March.

Three Things for March

Time to get the train back on the rails.

  1. short stories — finish the BSQ story that is due in a few weeks. Hard deadline.
  2. Song fourth draft — revision plan is needed. Build that.
  3. workshop application — cover letter or sample chapters.

Trying to to keep things a bit punchier this month.

Now to punch harder.

[*] I was accomplishing things, really, but it was reactive rather than effective and I really had no clear awareness of how much I was getting done.

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