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Welcome to my writing blog.

I used to have a blog called “Why Should I Listen To You?” It was important to me for a while, but it was always an unfocussed place and its relevance to my life diminished over time. When the platform broke during a server move I didn’t even notice for a year.

But I still wanted to write about writing, which is where this place comes in.

Identity Function is my blog about writing. I have been working as a professional writer in the genre of software for a long time. In that area I have written a lot of code and documentation and design documents. But what I want to be writing is fiction… I wrote fragmentary pieces as a child, put together some roleplaying scenarios when I was at Uni, and wrote a couple of works of serial fiction after I started work. Then I stopped writing stories.

Ten years later, after I had moved to the States. I found National Novel Writing Month. It was a revelation. That first novel took me less than three weeks to knock out. I have since competed in National Novel Writing Month seven more times, winning every time (although 2006 and 2008 were close).

The place I fail in writing fiction is in completing revisions so I have something to actually submit. My goal with starting this blog is to talk about my experience of writing, but in the very short term just to get me writing regularly again. Because, you know, writers write.

What I write is speculative fiction, mostly science fiction with some occasional horror elements. As of this writing, I have two books in active development. I will probably self-publish one of them.

In this space you’ll hear more about all of these things, along with war stories, influences, and perhaps even occasional nuggets of advice – which in this context are things that work for me. What you won’t see here is my fiction: if that is available on-line it will be under separate cover.

So that’s me. How about you? Do you write? What kind of stories do you enjoy?

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  1. Nice Blog Duncan! Looks like everything is working. I’m looking forward to checking in on your latest. We are heading into NaNoWriMo season so setting up your blog and dusting off your skills will likely serve you well. I’d also urge you to look at The Indie Exchange on Facebook. There are a lot of independent authors and bloggers who support each other with blog hops and other fun. I did a blog hop last month and won a raffle for $20 at Amazon. Pretty cool. Also they do a weekly Flash Fiction every Friday. You might find it to be a good tool to post your Flash Fiction on your blog.
    Here’s the link:

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