Terrible Minds

Terrible Minds

Chuck Wendig is an author with a salty turn of phrase and a dark imagination. He is also a purveyor of, as he puts, dubious writing wisdom.

I’ve been reading Chuck’s blog for a while now, and his lists of 25 things about writing and the business of writing are opinionated, often instructive, and equally often laden with strong language (so, that easily offended person over there? Not appropriate. Sorry). He sells these lists collected as ebooks, and I think they’re worth buying. I have all of them on my portable reading device, and return to them regularly for a top up of Chuck’s choice phrasing.

His fiction is vivid, and underlines to me that he knows enough for it to be worth listening to his advice. I have his Miriam Black books loaded up on the Kindle too. They are exquisitely paced pulp stories, realising the consequences of a horrible idea – that the protagonist can see how people will die. It’s pretty dark stuff, sometimes difficult to keep reading but always hard to put down.

So, that’s Chuck – go and visit him. He won’t bite unless you ask him to.

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  1. Ian says:

    Terrible Minds is one of the few writing blogs that I regularly visit. The advice is useful (as much as any ever is) and he writes with a great personality.

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