Weekend Roundup

“Brave on the Page” Book Launch

I almost forgot to mark the occasion, but – I’m a published author!

I mentioned that I am one of the interviewees in Brave on the Page the other day, and I went along to the launch party at Powell’s on Tuesday this week. When Laura says “hot off the press” she is not speaking figuratively – those books dropping out of the Espresso machine chute are really quite warm.

Warm like freshly baked bread. Mmmm. Probably a bit chewier though. Maybe I should read it instead. I am sure I will have more to say about the book itself as I work my way through.

I’m also very excited to be participating in a reading to celebrate the launch on Saturday 3rd November. It’s at 3pm at the Fulton Park Community Center, so if you are in Portland come along!


As previously noted, Wordstock is this weekend. I will be there tomorrow, the Sunday, wearing a black hat with the Orange Mornington Crescent  symbol somewhere about my person.

Orange MC logo

I hope to see you there!

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