NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 25

Words for the Day: 3,522
Total To Date: 59,136 60,491
Chapters Written: 23.5 / 33

I stated the day wallowing in a bad place, unconvinced that I could reach 60k today. I am done with writing for the day unless I can grab another hour before bed tonight, but 60k may actually still be achievable after all.

The actual content today is a bit unconvincing, but there are moments in there. I am pleased with an architectural description I have come up with which makes the palace complex make a lot more sense than it did before. I would like to visit the Scriptorum of the Abbey – it would be an amazing space: a six or seven floor high room set into the face of a cliff with more windows than wall on the Chasm-ward side so it is like a single glass wall to let in the light.

So, a nice day and a decent enough end to a Thanksgiving weekend which was generally more productive than I had feared in might be.

Now on with the rest of the day!

Update: Wrote for another hour or so in the evening before bed to get another good chunk of words and hit the 60k mark. Not quite at the end of the chapter, though, so this is going to be a long one.

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