NaNoWriMo 2012: Quantity Surveying FTW!

Five days of November left for NaNoWriMo and I find myself in more or less exactly the position I predicted on the 14th: I have won the NaNoWriMo challenge, but I am going to run out of time.

Thanksgiving was a bit rough on word count – I managed about 700 words on the day itself – but the thing that really slowed me down was switching narratives.

I have three MCs that I am following, and this month has been about writing new material for each narrative around a conspiracy plot line. Coming up to Thanksgiving I was writing the crisis-ridden ending of MC #2’s act two (or thereabouts – I am not big on following formal structures) and that kept me moving through the short day on Thursday. But come the weekend I was jumping into MC #1’s narrative, a brick wall of the aftermath of his act two crisis but that crisis is not being touched. So I am writing the emotional stuff without any connection to this MC’s emotions.

I have a handle on it now, but Saturday and Sunday were rough.

So, let’s see where I am in terms of rates and comparisons.

Rate of word generation

  • day 13 word count = 31.129 = 2,394 words per day.
  • day 25 word count = 60,491 = 2,419 words per day

If I keep writing at that pace, I will reach 72,570 words for November.

I am quite surprised that this rate hasn’t dropped.

Rate of chapter completion

  • day 13 chapter count = 13 chapters = one chapter per day
  • day 25 chapter count = 23.5 chapters = a little less than one chapter per day

What’s happened here is that the chapters have been getting longer. On the plus side, I am not splitting chapters into new ones as often.

If I keep completing chapters at the new pace, I will have 29 chapters – which will leave four to complete in December. That will probably be about another 10k or so.

Projected Word Count

Average word count per completed chapter as of day 25 is 56,757 / 23 = 2,467

Project word count for 33 chapters is therefore 81,433.

However, I may end up with more than that since the incomplete chapter I am working on now is already past 3.5k.

The Plan

In the last article I presented to options for what to do about finishing in November:

  1. keep writing at the same pace and just take the time I need to finish the story I want to write
  2. shorten chapters artificially to ensure that I complete the plot arcs in the time, but that will require adding a lot more content on the edit.

It seems pretty obvious that I am going to go with the first option. As I say above, I will likely have about another 10k to write in December. I think I should be done in a week, but I will not be able to devote the same time to the writing so the basic pace will slacken a bit.

How do you feel about the way November has gone? What do you have left to do?

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