NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 27

Words for the Day: 4,015
Total To Date: 68,558
Chapters Written: 27.5 / 33

My pace seems to have increased, if anything – two 4k days in a row. I might manage that again tomorrow, but probably not Thursday or Friday since I have lunchtime engagements.

The most excellent thing happened in the writing today. I was writing another version of a scene I have written four times already in different forms – it needs a rewrite because the parameters of the scene are different this time – and suddenly I find a tiny detail dropped into an earlier chapter that makes the whole scene actually make sense for the first time.

I mean, this is a scene that appeared in the very first version of this story in 2005, and it finally makes sense in this third draft of the full first volume seven years later.

This writing game is fun.

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