Song and Dance

I’ve been working on the outline for A Turquoise Song for a few weeks now, and tomorrow I can start reading the manuscript of Bluehammer. I had originally planned to have the outline for Song wrapped up by now.

So what have I got?

Well, I have a plot which I didn’t have three weeks ago, and an ending. I have a bad guy, and a justification for having ninjas in the story. I also have a new string to my process bow* with the index card technique and those kinds of tricks are always worth learning.

What I don’t have is a completed outline, although I have made good progress on making one: the plot is laid out in chapter headings, and the scenes just need to be broken down.

I am therefore going to hold off on reading Bluehammer until the Song outline is at least filled in. It won’t be as polished as originally hoped, but taking a break while I rummage around in Kissiltur instead will probably help me come back fresh in a few weeks.

How are your writing goals proceeding?

Update – I got the outline to a stage where I can put it down for a bit, so I will be starting to read Bluehammer on time after all.

[*] I always wondered what kind of bow it was that had more than one string.

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  1. Laura says:

    Looks like you’re making great progress, Duncan! I just tagged you for The Next Big Thing meme, which asks a set of questions about your WIP. You can read the details here:

    If you do it, I look forward to seeing which work you decide to describe!

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