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Book Club for Writers

Further to my rather off-handed suggestion for a book club for writers at the end of my post about critical reading, have been thinking about the logistics of how such a thing would work.

First of all, an in-person book club is pretty much out of the question for me: there are already book clubs and writers groups that I don’t go to for lack of time; I don’t want another. So, this has to be an online endeavour. Fortunately, there is a handy location right here to coordinate discussion.

With that in mind, here’s the initial plan:

  1. on the second Wednesday of each month, I will post here to say what the book is to read.
  2. discussion can start immediately, but I will post an analysis post a week or so later. So we’ll have a week or so to read the book, and then three weeks to talk about it.
  3. somewhere in there I will solicit ideas for books to read. These can be SF, fantasy, mainstream, horror – anything, really, although I may draw the line at romance. I am going to have a bias towards books that I already know, and towards books which are accessible rather than challenging to read.

Truth to tell, this may be better suited to a discussion board or even a mailing list, but this is how we’ll start.

If you are interested, then chip in on the announcement post next week.

Fiasco for Writers

In the wake of the Fiasco post, it has become apparent that I’m going to have to play this game with some writers.

As with most tabletop roleplaying games, Fiasco plays best face-to-face but finding the time to do that seems fraught with uncertainty. I’m thinking that a Google hangout might work. Here’s my thinking:

  1. distribute the playset to the players.
  2. setup a shared document for common information: setup notes, dice, player dice pools, etc.
  3. keep the shared document current as we go
  4. consider recording the hangout.
  5. first session will mostly be about the game, but I can see doing a follow up session to play again but focussing on story mechanics.

Any other thoughts on useful tools for this? I will experiment offline with the hangout and see how effective that is.

Let me know if you are interested in the comments.

I’m looking forward to both of these!

2 Replies to “Writerly Clubs”

  1. Ruthie says:

    I am definitely very interested in both of these!

  2. Reed says:

    I’m definitely interested in Fiasco. Maybe we could even try a face-to-face with those who can and simultaneous online with those who can’t.

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