Bye bye Google Reader

Google Reader is being retired.

This is really annoying. It’s pretty apparent that Google doesn’t owe anybody anything here, since it is a free service, but they don’t have an equivalent feature set in Google+ so this is a puzzling retirement to me.

Also, Google Reader is the one Google service I use all the time. I mean, I check my email a few times a day, but I check my feeds all the time – it’s my twitch response when there’s a lull in my working rhythm. And the Android app runs well on my phone, which the G+ app does not.

So, I’ll have to find a replacement. There are a number of articles out there collecting alternatives so I will spend some time figuring out which works best for me.

At least we get some warning, and at least the data is transportable.

It’s still a maddening change, though. I am very sad.

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