The NaNoWriMo Bell Rings

the bell of the call

the bell of the ball


Do you hear that? It is not a loud sound, but it is insistent – the tapping of keys, the drip of sweat and blood and molten ideas.

It is the first day of November, and the NaNoWriMo bell has rung.

Thirty days to write a roughly novel-shaped thing of at least 50,000 words.

50,000 words is a lot to write in one go, but NaNoWriMo makes it easy: you only need to write 1,667 words a day to reach 50k in a thirty day month like November. If you type fast you can have that done in an hour; you don’t have to type fast to have that done in two. You just need to sit in front of the keyboard and put words down.

What I’m Doing

This year I am writing a science fiction novel called Shapes of Chance, about a young woman who finds out she can see probability. My intention is to have a manuscript of publishable length, which for adult science fiction is at least 80,000 words – 100k would be preferred. So my goal is 100k this month, and I have the 100-square maze to match.

That’s about three hours of typing a day, every day. We’ll see if that works out or not. I’ve had enough 5K and 10k days in the past that it’s plausible, I think, if not exactly likely.

Where You Can Find Me

Here is my NaNoWriMo profile: Dunx – follow me there to see how my official word count is doing, and feel free to add me as a writing buddy.

I will be posting word count updates here, just as I did last year, with the addition of word count tweets via my Twitter account: @DunxIsWriting.

But now… to the word mines!

2 Replies to “The NaNoWriMo Bell Rings”

  1. Hi, Dunx,
    I can see you’re going to be busy for a month or so, so it’s perhaps the wrong time to talk to you. However, I’ve started, so I’ll finish.

    I publish a webzine (Mythaxis) for sf, fantasy, weird short stories. It’s really a showcase for new talent, and I don’t pay! If you have anything short you’d like to get in front of my approx 5000 readers, please send it in. At least three of my contributors are now being published in print after appearing in Mythaxis.

    Best regards. Good luck with nanowrimo. A group of us did a co-op effort a few years ago.


  2. “Do you hear that? It is not a loud sound, but it is insistent.”

    That’s the sound of those of us who never do NaNo but stand on the sidelines, cheering, offering cups of water as the runners/writers whiz by (the Marathon horn was blown just as I was writing that sentence 🙂 ).

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