The 2013 Janus Post

looking both ways

looking both ways

It’s that time when I like to review my activities over the last year and think about what I want to achieve over the next twelve months.

Looking Back

Obviously I wrote the Yule goals update post just a week or so ago, but I want to go back to the goals I set at the beginning of the year and see how I did.

  1. Finish Bluehammer, which will entail developing a Bluehammer plan after I’ve read it. Result: well, I made progress on this but then realised that the story or the way it was being told was not compelling. At this point it’s on the back burner.
  2. Execute the Song plan. Result: I have both an outline and a portion of a second draft, but it’s not finished – I would have hoped to have finished editing the second draft by now.
  3. Submit one novel. Result: I can only submit what I have finished.
  4. Start looking for an agent. Result: I did some work on this by researching some agents who work in my genre, but the goal is in abeyance until I have a completed manuscript.
  5. Establish a daily writing practice. Result: this is the one goal I am happy with since I have been doing writing of some kind most days.

Overall, my writing goals suffered from large swathes of Not Writing during the year – times when other commitments cut into the time I would usually use for writing.

I also had a health goal of bringing my weight down, which I made some steps towards but didn’t get very far with. The real success with my health is that I kept running throughout November, so as I go into the new year I still have a base for my training.

Looking Forward

My goals for 2014 are for the most part an extension of the 2013 goals. Here they are, numbered for ease of reference rather than priority.

  1. Finish Song. Next action: refocus plan based on what I have and where I want to be.
    I used to be excited about this story and I still am on an intellectual level, but I need to review what I have and figure out how to reengage my emotional excitement about it too.
  2. Complete Shapes. Next action: read manuscript starting the second week in January.
    The story seemed solid while I was writing it, but I want to find out if that is actually the case and what should change to make it more interesting (although the early over-extended portion wandering around the moors certainly needs a pretty extensive rework).
  3. Look for an agent. Next action: finish a novel so I have a manuscript to query.
  4. Be productive in fiction. Next action: figure out writing time plan.
    I want to restructure my writing time so as to maintain work on fiction while being able to maintain commitments in other areas. I’ll write more about this shortly.
  5. Run Hood To Coast. Next actions: lose some weight, and solidify my base.
    I am on a team at my day job to run the Hood To Coast relay in August. There’s going to need to be some training in the meantime.

All of these goals will be examined in more detail, but that’s what I want to get done this year.

How about you? How was 2013 for you, and what are your 2014 plans?

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