A Catchier Song

My work on Song at the moment is about outlining. I have a story and characters with interesting nooks and crannies but I am working both on figuring out how to layer the story so that it is sufficiently interesting, and how to render that story so that the reader will be as engaged and excited by the story as I am.

I often find that reading craft books helps me during these kinds of activities, not necessarily by telling me what to do or how to write, but by reminding me of the kinds of things I want to be looking for. Maybe one day “reading craft books” will no longer be part of my process, but right now it certainly is – particularly when my actual writing practice may not be as consistent as I would like.

The book I am reading at the moment is called Wired for Story. I will write up a proper review once I have finished and digested it, but it is interesting and constructive in its presentation of the components of story. It gives me a lot to think about, and at the very least reminds me of just how much there is to wire together when building a story of any complexity.

So, that’s what I am doing right now – layering and wiring and complexifying. Soon there will be writing.

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