Sharing wiki, part 2

I wrote last week that I couldn’t share a TWiki instance between machines. In the comments, Brian Enigma pointed me at TiddlyWiki*.

This tool is about as close as I can get to what I want:

  • I can share the data via a cloud drive
  • I can setup a distinct file for each cluster of data
  • bonus: I can view the wiki contents on any device I can install Firefox and the cloud drive onto**

Setting Up

The setup instructions for TiddlyWiki are pretty simple:

  1. install Firefox
  2. install the TiddlyFox plugin
  3. load the wiki file into Firefox

If this is the first time you’ve used TiddlyWiki you can download a blank file from the site, or open up an existing file such as this one: world-book.

Once it’s loaded up, go to the Control Panel icon (the cog) and look around for things to change.

  • name
  • subtitle
  • colour scheme


The workflow for making a world book with TiddlyWiki is the same as for any wiki: make a root page and type in links to pages you want to create.

I will write more about using this particular tool for building up a world book another time. In the meantime, experiment with this file: world-book


This has been going pretty well for me so far after a few hours of use, but I’ve tripped over a few issues.

  • editing colour schemes is fiddly.
  • synchronisation of the saved file content is seamless from the computer, but pulling it down onto the phone. Forcing the page to reload is not as easy as I would like either.
  • Dropbox supports access to previous versions of the file, but the whole file is versioned: there’s no reverting an individual wiki entry
  • linking to existing pages requires remembering the names of those pages. There are tools in the UI which help (in fact, more than in TWiki…) but there’s still a lot of error potential

Still, this is a usable little tool with lighter requirements and simpler setup. It won’t do for a collaborative wiki, but for individual data where there’s only one author but multiple authoring locations it seems pretty likely.

At least I don’t feel like I need to take six months off writing to develop DataFrame any more.

[*] which is a name I love just because of the tiddlywinks reference.

[**] I can do this on my phone, but not on my Kindle Fire since there’s no Firefox available on there (at least not through the Amazon app store).

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