NaNoPreMo 2014: Changing Tack

What with one thing and another, October has not been a successful month for writing so far. I’ve done some interesting work on prep for November, but I’ve done no work on Song.

And I want to get Song done. It’s still the book I have that is closest to completion.

I’m also not quite feeling it on Disconnected, the idea I settled on for November. Indeed, maybe that’s part of the problem here – I settled on it rather than really being excited by it. What I wrote last year was exciting and made my brain fizz; Song made my brain fizz at the time and still does whenever I immerse myself in it again; but Disconnected feels… not quite cooked yet, to be honest. There is something there, but even though I’ve had the skeleton of the idea kicking around for a long time it still feels unready. Indeed, it feels about where Song was when I first came up with that back in 2005.

So I think I am going to change tack on NaNoWriMo this year and keep going on Song rather than writing something new.

This is not actually a bad thing, because Song needs about 50k to make it a complete draft and I really only want to do 50k this year. On top of that, there is a substantial bit of new in-fill writing needed in the first half to make that match up to the new plot in the second half, so I don’t think I will have any trouble getting the words needed to win.

The focus of my prep needs to change, though – time to reacquaint myself with Song and its world rather than trying to figure out POV characters for the linked short stories.

You Hum It, I’ll Join In

To that end, I am going to compile the draft and reread it with an eye to what needs to be written to make it a complete book.

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