NaNoPreMo 2014: Finding Holes

Since I’ve switched my November project to completing the second draft of Song, the prep for it has changed from when I was planning on writing a new story.

This time last year I was talking about character and setting, but for the most part those are settled for Song. What I am looking for right now are holes. I am working through the current manuscript on my Kindle and taking notes as follows:

  • where there are extra things that need to be written – one of the characters in particular has a larger role in the story now than before I reworked the outline, so I need to add scenes and character development.
  • alternate scenes that take the narrative in a different direction – I made some errors in revealing the story in the first stab at the early scenes. I am annotating those.
  • breadcrumbs that need to be dropped – parallel to rewriting scenes that are wrong is adding elements to scenes that do the right thing but are missing foreshadowing or clues that bolster events later in the story.
  • cool things – there are still cool ideas about this story to be captured!

When I run off the end of the current manuscript, I also want to look at the way I am telling the story in the second half, because it’s getting to be too static – lots of scenes of the protagonist and his team analysing network traffic. I need to find a way to give that more texture.

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