NaNoPreMo 2014: Filling and Tracking Holes

I have made lots of notes on the manuscript, but now I need to turn those notes into scene descriptions and things I can actually write against.

Classes of Note

There are two kinds of notes that I have:

  1. new or replacement scenes – these can obviously be turned into new chunks of writing.
  2. observations on tone and breadcrumbing – these are fiddlier because they require new words to be inter-meshed with existing text.

… and of course I have the remainder of the outline for the second half of the draft.

What I usually do to know what to write next* is to have scene summaries in Scrivener – which is fine, as long as it’s all new scenes. For this effort, I will have a list in Evernote for completing tasks rather than scenes, so the words are all still in Scrivener, but the planning for them is elsewhere.

Obviously, all of these things live in the cloud so they can easily be shared between the systems I use.

When To Work On Things

I’m going to do new scenes first in the day, and then write fragments later as in-fill once the daily word goal has been met. This is because I need momentum, and that is a lot easier to get from sustained writing on complete scenes. So, the fragments still need to be written, but I will write once the flow is already established.

Tracking Progress

For staying on pace, I track word count in my wordcount goals sheet as well as on the NaNoWriMo site.

For publishing my progress, I use a maze as a fill-in tracker. I have a little Lisp program which makes mazes however, for reasons I do not currently have time to explore, my CLISP install is broken. So, I’m reusing the tracker from 2013. I have added some text to it in Inkscape for the purposes of posting on the wall**.

Blogging in November

Last year I had to drop the blogging a few weeks into November because my word count goal was 100k and I just couldn’t stay on top of everything.

My goal this year is rather less ambitious – the standard 50k, in fact. On those grounds I expect that I’ll be able to keep the blogging going, but if I have to spend three hours a day to stay on target then that could change.

I will be doing some NaNoWriMo posts of course***, but those should be in addition to rather than instead of the normal bloggery.

[*] which I definitely need, because I don’t do well at coming up with ideas at 0500.

[**] and the fridge.

[***] although I probably won’t post constant updates. That is what Twitter (@DunxIsWriting) is for.

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