Thursday Again

My default day of the week is Thursday*.

I first noticed this when I was pulling long hours on a project at my first day job: even though it was actually (say) Tuesday, my brain was convinced that it was Thursday.

Now, my sense of time is not great. Indeed, one of the manifestations of my particular cluster of ADD behaviours is that I am not always aware of the passage of time. I am always amazed when my wife accurately states the time without looking at a clock, whereas I’m lucky if I get the right hour in similar circumstances.

Still, I usually know the day, so losing even that basic level of temporal sense can be disorienting.

As I write this, it still technically is Wednesday, but it’s felt like Thursday for me since yesterday morning. The reason is unfortunately the same as when I first noticed my calendrical dislocation.

Which is to say that this is a poor excuse for a blog post, and I have no idea at this point if there will be a new blog post on Friday.

Things will hopefully normalise next week, just in time for Christmas.

But in the meantime, keep your calendars to hand.

[*] the same day of the week which Arthur Dent could never get the hang of. It is quite possible that these facts are connected, although it could also just be coincidence.

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