2015 Goals Post: Ostara Edition

It’s been an interesting six weeks since the last update – busy, sometimes successful, but always changing. In particular, I’ve been concentrating on Shapes rather than cutting back across to Song – still writing, just not writing what I had planned.

On with the traffic lights.

Traffic Lights

Finish Song0/30/3
Complete Shapes1/31/1
Write every day2/22/2
Run Hood To Coast4/43/4

I’m still enthusiastic about Song, but I am fully engaged on Shapes at the moment so that is my sole fiction writing project at the moment. Otherwise, this has been a pretty solid period.

1. Finish Song

Here is the 2015 plan:

  1. Read second draft – read for readability and typoes.
    Last action: read the draft.
    I haven’t done this since I am still working on the Shapes outline.
  2. Apply corrections from draft read. Pending completion of step (1)
  3. Give it to my wife to read Pending completion of earlier steps, and depending on her interest.
  4. Revise that second draft Pending completion of earlier steps.
  5. Polish the draft Pending completion of earlier steps.
  6. Make submission materials – synopsis, pitch, hook, and all of that.

Goal Assessment

Goals from Imbolc were:

  • review and typo edit second draft manuscript.
  • identify any significant issues with the story.
  • hand it off for first read feedback from my first reader.

Total: haven’t done any of these since I am still working on Shapes instead.

Goals for next update: these goals are still meaningful, but perhaps not for another sabbat or so.

With that in mind, these are the things I will work on next if I come back to Song, but I’m not going to define metrics this time.

  • review and typo edit second draft manuscript.
  • identify any significant issues with the story.
  • hand it off for first read feedback from my first reader.

Metric: none this time. If I work on these it’s a bonus.

2. Complete Shapes

Here is the plan for Shapes:

  1. complete detailed outline – done!
  2. play with some ideas in the outline
  3. complete outline
  4. second draft

Goals Assessment

Goal from Imbolc was:

  • complete the detailed outline of the existing text.

Total: detailed outline was completed, and I have been addressing questions and addressing hot spots in it ever since. So, that’s a legitimate green.

Goals for next update: now I have an outline, I can reinstate the outline working goals.

  • try out some of the ideas I have for variations in the premise.
  • fill out the outline around the end of the story.
  • have a completed outline, preferably re-combined with text.

Metric: Yellow for one or two of these, green for all three. The “completed outline” goal is especially suspicious since whatever I have will be necessarily a work in progress, but once I have that I will be ready to dive back in to writing it. We’ll see then whether I want to keep going on that or cut back over to Song.

3. Write every day

A very clear goal which I have not over-analysed, but may have over-measured.

Goals Assessment
That writing log I mentioned last time has been invaluable for keeping me on track. I say I am in danged of over-measuring because I am keeping track of where I am on particular iterative tasks: lines outlined, questions answered, and so on. The trick is to measure at a fine enough granularity to see progress each day, but not so fine that the tracking is onerous.

I’ve written something on 41/45 days, which is a pretty creditable 91%. One of those missed days was tax return preparation.

Calling that a solid green.

Goals for next update: keeping the metrics for this goal – keep a log, and make sure that I actually put fingers to keyboard.

4. Run Hood To Coast

Here is the plan for the original goal, although the goal itself has changed:

  1. Shamrock Half Marathon, 15-Mar-2015 – completed!
  2. weight
  3. speed
  4. Hood to Coast, 28-Aug-2015

Goals Assessment

    • maintain weight
      Failed. I am only a few pounds up, but I am up. I was right about it being hard to lose while training.
    • complete Shamrock training plan.
      Achieved, at least mostly. I blew out my last long run, which was a mistake, but I completed my other training goals, and of course I completed Shamrock.
    • stay on the 10,000 steps a day.
      Achieved, on average, until this last week. I have not actually run since the Shamrock, partly because my legs have been trashed but also because my IT band has been bothering me since thee run. I am going to get back on the road this next week, however. Back on the 10,000 steps next week though.
    • continue uninjured.
      Achieved. The tweaked toe I mentioned last time was transient, the IT band discomfort from the end of the Shamrock run has dissipated, and I am generally less sore than I have been in a long time.

Total: 3/4 – yellow.

Goals for next update: Time to start the long haul towards Hood to Coast.

    • lose weight – I’m back to maintaining a fitness level rather than ramping up, so I need to set a weight loss goal. Let’s say five pounds down.
    • start cycling again – it’s spring, and the days are lighter. Time to get back on the bike. This will be key to achieving the weight loss goal.
    • stay on the 10,000 steps a day.
    • continue uninjured.

Metric: yellow for 2-3, green for 4

Extra Stuff

My writing log has revealed very little off-track writing, except for my tax filing duties.

However, I will be picking up A New Dawn again, expecting to run this in six weeks or so. Time to remember why I like that story again.

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