Creators Being Paid

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about author wages. My plans for making a living from my writing have not significantly changed since then, but something exciting happened yesterday which gives me more hope than I had before.

Tolarian Community College was fully funded.

You may not know the Professor and his college of Magic the Gathering studies, but since I started playing Magic last year his videos have been a staple of of my viewing and my interest in that game. There are lots of YouTubers who talk about deck techs and spoilers for the next set, who stream gameplay or talk about altered art on cards, but the Professor’s channel is unique in that he makes videos that analyse Magic critically: he started with product reviews, but he’s done a lot to explain how deck construction actually works and how the different formats function.

The Professor has quickly established himself as a pillar of the Magic community online, being supportive of other content creators and Magic players in general. When he posted his video yesterday morning asking for help to support his continuing production of videos about Magic, I chipped in and was delighted to learn that all of the goals the Professor had set for his funding drive were achieved in about twelve hours.

He’s replaced his day job income.

This is what gives me hope – not that I think I can follow the Professor’s path because my road as a writer is necessarily different from his as an educator, but the fact that he has been able to mobilise the community he has built up by doing excellent work to support him in continuing to produce that excellent work is profoundly inspiring to me.

Congratulations to the Professor on achieving tenure at his college.

Now to make sure my work is as excellent as I can manage.

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