NaNoWriMo Proselytism

November is coming.

While I’m still trying to finish the second daft of Shapes, I am also beginning planning for NaNoWriMo. This will be my twelfth year, and hopefully my twelfth win.

Part of my prep this year is that I am doing a lunchtime presentation at the day job talking about writing a novel in thirty days. There’s a lot to cover in what will be a 35-40 minute presentation, and I’ve been thinking hard about what it is about NaNoWriMo that I most want to convey to my colleagues.

The biggest things I think I want to put across include:

  • fun
  • community
  • creative outlet
  • the power of crushing deadlines

I am also going to be asking my colleagues to help me decide what it is I am going to write this year. I have some ideas but they are so far poorly developed – I am hoping to harness the wisdom of the crowd to shape the bones of a story which I will be able to spend a month writing.

I’m thinking of getting three things:

  1. setting – where should the story be set? When?
  2. characters – use the Fiasco method for this
  3. basic plot Рinciting incident, two or three crises, a d̩nouement

Well, we’ll see how well that goes, eh?

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