Everything To Its Season

I like running, but I love cycling.

This has been true for as long as I have been running. I started cycling as an adult when I moved to Nottingham, before I had a car (before I had even passed my driving test, in fact) and it was the first form of exercise that I did with any consistency. When I did get a car I rode less, but apart from a break during my last couple of years in Surrey (when I concluded that the roads were simply too hostile for me to ride on any more) I’ve ridden at some point during the year ever since.

My running has been happening for about ten years less than that. Cycling is great exercise, but it takes longer to get the same effect – I ride hard, but riding hard for an hour feels about the same as running hard for half that time. Hence my taking up running: it is a more time-efficient form of exercise.

But I still love cycling.

These days, I find that cycling to the day job is an excellent way of getting the exercise I need without disrupting the day job flow, but it comes with costs: I lose the bus ride in for other projects, and sometimes it takes me longer to get into the groove at the day job because I’m still in a traffic-dodging head space.

And so I come to the realisation that my cycling is seasonal not because of the weather (although that is part of it – I won’t risk riding in icy conditions when the roads aren’t salted) but because when I hit October I need the bus ride to do prep for NaNoWriMo.

I will probably ride to the day job tomorrow, Friday, but that may be it for me until the spring.

It’s better weather for running anyway.

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