Month: December 2015

It’s Quiet. Too Quiet

I missed the Samhain goals post, and I’m not going to do one for Yule either. Here’s a summary though.

NaNoWriMo this year was fantastic. I validated at 108,177 words, writing about 48k on the personality overlay story, Perscon, and about 60k on the Steampunk Rome story (Livia and the Corpuscles). Writing two novels went really quite well – jumping from story to story after each scene kept both stories fresh, and also required me to write things down which improved setting consistency. I won’t be doing two books at a time every year, but for this year it was a good idea.

I’ve read and done the first pass edits for Livia and I like the story a lot. At the very least it points the way to a series of books. I am looking forward to doing some larger fixes before handing it off to some new readers.

In other words, I’ve been working on fiction which is why this blog has languished rather over the last few months.

I think it’s fair to say that I won’t be posting here regularly in the near term. Indeed, any kind of formal schedule seems to be unlikely for a while – I have been enjoying the fact that I have been working on fiction again, so I am going to ride that down as far as I can go rather than derailing it by requiring myself to write pieces for the blog. I’ll be back.

In other news, I can highly recommend Pauper Magic the Gathering as a format. This is Magic like any other Magic, except you can only play with commons. We’ve been playing a Pauper Standard league at the day job, and it is enormous fun. It is also delightful to go into a card shop and buy a dozen dozen cards to build four distinct decks and still come away with change from $25.

Anyway, I’m still alive and still writing.

I hope to be writing again here soon.

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