Second Pass

Last week I was working on the second draft of Shapes, this week I have been fixing up Livia for preview publication.

The goal with Livia was always to write a book using some ideas from my colleagues and donate it to the company library at my day job. I’m calling this “preview publication” because to my surprise Livia has legs to become a book I try to sell, and possibly turn into a series.

After the frenzy of word production in November, I prepped the first draft and issued it to readers. I’ve been receiving feedback on that version of the book, so it’s time to pick up the text and make the book better.

The goals here are more structural than last time:

  • do the characters make sense?
  • is the setting well enough explained?
  • are there any bits that are missing?
  • are there any unnecessary parts?

I did a little of this in December when I was fixing up typoes, but I have more distance from the book now, as well as the reader feedback. I expect I will add more words.

Then it’s on to copy editing and finishing the cover design, before wading into the world of POD publishing (topics for another time!).

It’s all rather exciting.

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