Livia: Proofing

Last time I said that Livia was nearly here. This time I just have to admit that all of this stuff takes more time than I had expected. It’s all part of learning the process, really.

Part of it was just being on holiday. I got the copy edits back before I left, but I ended up writing a remarkable short story* for the first few days we were away.

It took a week to review the copy edits, more than another week to apply them, then most of a third week to do my own final text review and update the manuscript accordingly.

I have spent the last three days finalising layout to satisfy Create Space**.

… but the outcome of all of this is that Livia and the Corpuscles is ready to go. I have just ordered a proof copy which will be here in a week and a bit, so assuming that everything looks good I will probably throw this book out in front of a wider audience by the end of next week.

This is all very exciting.

[*] this story is remarkable for at least three things: it is a short story, which I almost never write; it’s a fantasy story, which is a bit outside my usual science fiction by quite a margin; and I wrote it longhand in my notebook. This was easier to work on when flying anything on the computer. Still, more on that another time.

[**] which was not actually hard or unreasonable, but I learned some lessons about cover layout in Inkscape.

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