Short Stories Are Not My Bag

I spent part of our time away in July writing a story which, as I have noted in passing before, was remarkable in three ways: it was fantasy; I wrote it in longhand; and it was a short story.

My history with short stories is very mixed. Basically, when I try to write a short story I usually end up with a novella. I’m much more comfortable with the deeper exploratory options of the novel, not to mention the structure. Short stories terrify me.

So when I read that raw short story to some friends around the camp fire, I was delighted by the response: it seemed to actually work.

Time to write more, then.

There’s a writing challenge a friend is running for the month of September: write 500 words a day. That’s all. It doesn’t specify that the words should be of fiction, but that is what I am using it for. I have starts for about ten short stories which I will write words for and see how they go. I’m not committed to finishing any of them, but I am excited to work on all of them (to, I will concede, varying degrees).

500 Words A Day

It’s a closed Facebook group so as to avoid spam on your timeline, but ask to be added if you are interested in making some words in September.

I’m looking forward to a short month.

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  1. Steve says:

    I’m inordinately pleased with one of the 50 word things I did on OMC a while back. Works exactly as I intended.

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