Books I Haven’t Read Yet

There are of course infinite numbers of other people’s books that I haven’t read, but I want to talk a little bit about books of my own that I have drafts of but haven’t read.

  • A Turquoise Song – I wrote the second draft of this in November 2014, and I still have the unread print out in my desk drawer. The first version of the book was fun, but work on honing this second draft into something more complete was put on hold for 2015 because I was working on…
  • Shapes of Chance – I have about 75% of a second draft. I’ve run off the end of the outline that I had, though, so I need to go back to the beginning and reread what I have to pick it back up again.
    Calling this unread is a bit of a stretch since this is more an incomplete manuscript, but apart from some efforts at editing the first couple of scenes over the summer I haven’t worked seriously on it since September 2015.
  • Perscon – I wrote two books in November 2015, and while one of them is done and out the door Perscon is still lurking in my desk drawer. I’m a bit more nervous about this one since I remember the ending being more than a bit sketchy, but there are sections which I was quite affected by as I wrote them so I have hope.
  • Paragons – the book I just finished, rewriting what I can only describe as my worst November outing ever back in 2006*. The old manuscript sat in the drawer for more than two years before I finally pulled it out to read it, but if this version rests for as long it will not be for fear of how bad the book is.

Four books in the queue. I really ought to finish more of these.

[*] 2006 and 2008 are the two years I have come closest to not reaching the 50k goal. 2008 was bad because of external reasons (ie I lost my day job halfway through the month on the brink of global economic catastrophe), but 2006 was a nightmare solely because of my own poor preparation.

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