I’ve been ostriching it pretty hard lately.

I am aware of my privilege in not having to deal with the fallout and continuing malice spewing forth from Trump’s administration, but I have been through this before and need to maintain some level of detachment in order to continue my work.

The problem, as I see it, is that I have no voice.

That may seem weird coming from a white, cis-het male but I also live in Portland, OR, one of the most left-leaning cities in one of the most left-leaning regions in the nation. The problem is not that I am being persecuted or targetted but that anything I say will simply be ignored by those with any kind of actual power.

I grew up in 70s and 80s Britain. The mid- to late-80s were when Thatcher was at the height of her powers and her union- and socialist-busting agenda was in full swing. I did my degree in Liverpool, a city with leaders only just this side of Communism (the cuddly Trotskyist variety rather than Leninist or Stalinist), but this was also when Thatcher was drawing many of the powers that had been devolved to local government over the decades back in to Westminster.

Liverpool had no voice or power, in other words, and all the protests and complaints and, yes, occasional riots fell on deaf ears. Because the key point was that the Conservative government didn’t care about what millions of people thought because it wasn’t in line with what they wanted to do.

And that is what I see in Trump and his cavalcade of malicious clowns: a leadership that leads by order – by diktat – rather than by example, a group of malign goblins who want the levers of power to enrich themselves and who simply do not care about the voices of those who lose from their decisions.

So this is why I have not been engaging much anywhere, why I have been sticking my head in the sand, because I know that my anger will not make a difference now, and if I give Mr Trump my anger then I lose the ability to continue my work.

I have reason for hope, though. Seeing Michael Flynn resign just last night tells me that these moral midgets are not entirely immune from facts and evidence (no matter how much they might wish it otherwise), and Trump himself is vain enough that if he can be made to confront his historic levels of unpopularity then he might be affected. However I don’t think the Republicans are going to be any kind of brake on Trump’s hideous plans, and the Democrats are doing what they can, but are ultimately ineffectual.

I am saving my energy for a fight I can win.

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