March Things, 2017

February was supposed to be the month I started blogging again, and I have written several posts but almost all in the last week. I still can’t really get my head around just how epochally bad Trump is at his job, regardless of whether I agree with him or not – which of course I do not.

Anyway, Let’s get on with this before I really start ranting.

Three Things for February

February was a month where I got a decent chunk of work done on things I want to advance, but I also lost time in slightly unexpected ways: I needed to fix a script for the Magic league, which took longer than expected but did turn out well; I was doing some work on planning our summer travel; and I came down with an obnoxious cold which I am still feeling the after-effects of even now.

Not being able to exercise properly for a couple of weeks always leaves me ruined.

  1. review Song
    1. figure out the holes – completed the typo review and correction pass, and realised that the timeline is more broken than I thought. This is purely a function of expanding the first half of the original 2011 draft into something close to a full book, but there are knowledge gaps and jumps in continuity that jar when reading. I am in the process of making a timeline [link].
    2. make a plan – I have an initial plan [link], but I will be adding to it on a fresh read after fixing the timeline issues.
  2. figure out what to do with Coppersmiht – I have not succeeded in making time to work on this. I feel like I need to focus on Song until that revision plan is in place, so this is probably on the back burner for now.
  3. write some blog posts – I wrote some blog posts, and I have more to come.

Overall, then, I did well at working on my projects, but I did not do well at working on all of them. I really don’t want Coppersmith to languish, but finding the mental space to work on it has proved harder than I thought.

Three Things for 2017

I’ve kept going on some important things, but how do those measure up to my annual goals, a sixth of the way through the year?

  1. finish Shapes of Chance A Turquoise Song – officially cutting across to work on Song instead, because that is the book I will be aiming to finish this year. And February was not bad for that: maybe not as much progress as I would have liked, but kept moving on it
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – in abeyance until Song is done.
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn – no work. I’m also not feeling it for this project at all right now, but that is a separate discussion.

So, Song continues to move forward. Calling that a win.

Three Things for March

  1. revise Song – I’m done with the review phase and have established that Song is a book worth developing further. This is a revision goal, now. Woo!
    1. complete descriptive timeline – before I can fix the timeline, I need to have the current timeline fully captured.
    2. fix timeline – this means correcting the order of events and discovery, as well as updating the manuscript to match.
    3. second read – probably only get to start this, but need to go over the manuscript again to look for things to add to the revision plan.
  2. tax return – it’s not fun and it’s not something related to my writing, but it does stomp on my creative time so I have to plan it in. I’ve made a start, but there’s more to do.
  3. summer holiday planning – summer is only three months away. What are we doing?!

There is an unofficial fourth goal of getting back to exercising regularly, but that’s something I need to support everything I do – it’s almost too big to put in this list.

March looks busy, which is good because it stops me from thinking about politics which is not a profitable thing for me to think about right now.

Keep creating, people.

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