April Things, 2017

I suppose technically there are still a couple of days of March left, but I am at a good spot to take a short break from grinding through the text of Song looking for problems so I will write this post now.

Three Things for March

March was a matter of consistent work on the things I needed to get done, so I am calling this month a win. I didn’t particularly lose time to anything I didn’t expect to (eg, I had planned to work on the tax return so not writing in that time doesn’t count), although I did spend more time televisioning and building Magic decks than perhaps I ought to have.

Here are the goal-by-goal notes, though.

  1. revise Song – revision on this book continues to make progress, I’m glad to say. Indeed, I have pretty much exactly hit the mark on the March goals.
    1. complete descriptive timeline – done.
    2. fix timeline – also done. I have fixed less of the text than perhaps I should have on this pass, but I have fixed the major events to no longer have intrinsic dependencies on scenes which have moved later, which is all I was really needing. Finding the other bad refs will be for the directed read.
    3. second read – I mis-labelled this goal: it should be the directed read. I have not quite started this, but I will be working on it for the remaining two days in March so when I said I would likely only just get to start this I was dead on. The main thing is that the text is ready to be worked on, but I still need to compile it into an e-book for review.
  2. tax return – almost there. I have one more thing to add and then I can pull the trigger. Calling this done.
  3. summer holiday planning – mostly there. It is amazing how quickly the summer weekends fill up.

I also had informal goals of continuing to blog and getting back to some kind of regular exercise. I wrote a couple of blog posts and did a bit of exercise, but these are still elements in recovery.

Three Things for 2017

A quarter of the year has gone. Where am I on my annual goals?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – solid progress, fixing some of the worst problems in the text.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – technically in abeyance until Song is done, but I am planning on going to the Willamette Writers Conference this year which I expect will be helpful. Obviously not expecting to come out with a deal or anything hyper-ambitious like that, but helpful.
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn – no work, nothing on the horizon. This may just be a dead goal at this point.

I’m actually pretty happy with progress on Song. I think there’s a decent chance I will have a readable draft by the end of May.

Three Things for April

  1. revise Song – start to turn this into a readable second draft.
    1. second read – finish this. The Livia directed read took two weeks, so this could easily occupy the whole month. I will try to be done in three weeks.
    2. second pass revision plan – this was prepared alongside the directed read for Livia, but I may have to groom it further.
    3. start second pass revision – this took a month for Livia, so I am hoping it doesn’t take two for Song… This is the long pole for getting the draft done by the end of May.
  2. blog posts – more process posts. I also want to do a digest of the revision talk I presented at the day job to justify some of my timings above.
  3. Coppersmith – really, I don’t want this story to die!


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