Directed Reading, part 3: Comment Collation

I finished collecting comments from the directed read of Song earlier today. Now I need to convert those comments into actions I can work on.

As noted last time, the manuscript comments fell into three categories:

  1. things to fix immediately – these have all been fixed in manuscript.
  2. things that require noting for future, broader action – recorded.
  3. things that need to be recorded for gazetteer purposes – for Song, these are just about synaesthetic intrusions. The trigger and the nature of the intrusion have been recorded.

It’s worth noting that I processed these comments slightly differently than I have in the past. My comments are annotations on an e-book, and previously I have deleted them as I have addressed each comment. This time I changed the colour, since it’s possible there may be context in the comment that I do not accurately render elsewhere and I don’t want to lose that.

The next thing is to collate all of these comments into actions for the revision plan:

  1. the action comments need to be sorted as I did for the first read comments, separating into buckets for timing, structural, detail, and copy fixes. The timing bucket is mostly empty after the epic timeline construction phase, but there are some specifics I need to check back against the timeline itself. The other buckets are where the real meat sits.
  2. the gazetteer items need to be collected and categorised. Then I will sort by different criteria and see if there are mismatches in the intrusions from similar sense inputs, and make actions to fix those.

I expect to have the revision plan completed early next week, which is a little behind where I wanted to be at this time but the read took longer than I had hoped. I am looking forward to working with more abstract actions at a higher level, because staring at tense transitions is making my eyes tired.

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