May Things, 2017

So, that’s a third of the year gone. Gosh.

Three Things for April

April was about continuing work on Song and not a lot else.

  1. revise Song – start to turn this into a readable second draft.
    1. second read – this was the long pole for the month, basically. Last time I said this could easily occupy the whole month, and I was not far wrong on that. The reading itself was done after two weeks, but collecting the comments most of another fortnight.
    2. second pass revision plan – folding the comments I collected from the directed read into the revision plan is still under way, but the plan won’t be ready for another couple of days.
    3. start second pass revision – no work in April. This will occupy most of May for me.
  2. blog posts – wrote several posts, including the expected process posts and the Hard Things post. which I am quite proud of. I would still like to write my “manuscript to book” post, but that didn’t happen in April
  3. Coppersmith – I still don’t want this story to die, but I did nothing to keep it alive in April.

So, mixed. I think putting Coppersmith in the goals was a little silly.

Three Things for 2017

How are the annual goals going a third of the way through?

  1. finish A Turquoise Song – reasonable though not rapid progress. Still broadly on track to have this to readers in June.
  2. talk to some agents, aiming to obtain representation – no work this month, although I need to look at the pitch sessions at the WW conference.
  3. investigate publishing A New Dawn – no work, nothing on the horizon.

Song is still looking plausible for finishing the draft in May. Still happy about that.

Three Things for May

  1. revise Song – finish a readable second draft.
    1. second pass revision plan – finish collating comments from the directed read into a revision plan.
    2. second pass revision – I am optimistic I will get this finished in May.
  2. blog posts – continue with process posts. There’s not really much else I can bring myself to write about at the moment.
  3. Coppersmith – at least reread it, eh? This secondary writing goal suffers from my need to focus on a single thing at a time.

On we go.

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