Revision Plan

After several weeks of reviewing, reading, and comment collection I have my revision plan for the second draft of Song.

Revision Plan Structure

My plans look like long lists of to do items, broken up into sections and occasionally with sub-items. The sections are:

  • timing – durations that need to be checked, sequencing that needs to be confirmed. For Song, I patched up a lot of these before the second read but found many more!
  • structure – things that have an effect over more than one scene, such as character notes, or notes that require an entire scene to be rebuilt.
  • detail – notes on specifics that are missing or wrong, but which don’t necessarily span more than one scene in their scope.
  • copy – typos. I fixed a lot of these as I found them, but there are occasional paragraphs that need more thought over their rework than fixing a misplaced comma.

Plan Items

The items themselves look more or less like this:

[ ] <scene label>, "<location quote>": <comment>
    < > <subcomment>

The Plan for Song

The plan for Song has 170 items (17 items are already addressed): 25 in timing (13 done), 44 in structural (2 done), 93 in detail (2 done), and 8 in copy (0 done).

I would like to have this done by the end of May, and there are 29 days left (including today, the 3rd, because it’s still pretty early). So as long as I average about six items a day I will be fine.

Of course, I will also have to not add new items to the end…

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